French based designer and manufacturer, LAMS offers quality glasshouses and winter gardens, designed and manufactured in Vendée France: all are supplied standard with tempered glass, an aluminium structure and stainless steel hardware.

All are supplied with base included to facilitate their assembly and strengthen their structure. We invite you to discover them and our wide array of beautiful colour options in matte or gloss finishing. Need an additional or replacement accessory? We offer accessories such as shading, Victorian ridge cresting, shelves, planting trays, potting tables, automatic or spindle jack window openers, trolley, glazing clips, hooks and more.

All deliveries of our greenhouses are made by appointment with a carrier. Please contact your regional distributor for further details.

A question about a tempered glass greenhouse? Our customer service department is available from Monday to Friday, by phone, email or at our showroom in France or in your region. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about your greenhouse or glasshouse project, for any further information or for a quote. We invite you to take a tour of our facility in our video.


Explore our Aluminium Greenhouse Kits, the perfect solution for modern and sustainable gardening. Crafted with high-quality aluminium, these kits offer an ideal blend of durability, lightness, and aesthetics. They withstand the elements, do not rust, and require minimal maintenance, ensuring exceptional longevity.

The easy and quick assembly of these kits is a major advantage, making installation accessible for all gardeners, whether novice or experienced. Additionally, the ecological aspect of aluminium, a fully recyclable material, underscores our commitment to sustainability. Each greenhouse can be customized with a wide range of colours through thermo lacquering, ensuring a perfect harmony with your garden. Choose our aluminium greenhouses for eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing gardening.

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Introducing LAMS Tempered Glass Greenhouses, the epitome of aesthetic beauty and functional excellence for your garden. Our greenhouses are designed with unparalleled transparency, offering optimal brightness essential for plant growth. The tempered glass is not only scratch-resistant and non-yellowing, but also ensures robustness and longevity, fragmenting into safer, smaller pieces upon breakage. These elegant structures seamlessly blend into any garden, enhancing its natural beauty. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, requiring just a simple water jet. Embracing sustainability, our greenhouses are made from fully recyclable glass, minimizing your ecological footprint. LAMS offers a varied range of these exquisite greenhouses, with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Transform your garden into a vibrant living space with our greenhouses, where functionality and beauty coexist.

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